With more than 15 years’ experience, indekaengineering employees have accumulated extensive expertise within development,
design and construction of  many project according to the applicable, frequently changing standards and regulations.



  • Very high reliability due to being able to handle thermal cycling
  • Flow profiling liner as standard
  • Designed to handle large spray water flow
  • Nozzles resistant to flashing
  • Water atomization pressure is maintained at each nozzle at any flow condition
  • Even distribution of spray water in the steam pipe
  • Negligable pressure drop in the steam line



  • Daily operation of steam plant 
  • Annual preparation for insurance inspections
  • Combustion service and support
  • Water Treatment services
  • Periodic PPM visits [daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/bi-annul/annual]
  • Chargeable breakdown and repairs
  • Installation works [pipes/valves/weld repairs/economiser installation/boiler installations/energy centre builds etc.

Boiler Feed Pump

High-purity BFW is required to ensure proper operation of any boiler or steam generation system. High-purity feedwater reduces the use of boiler chemicals due to less frequent blowdown requirements, reducing blowdown frequency by as much as a factor of 10 or 15. This results in lower fuel costs and better overall operation of boiler or steam generation systems. 


Oil Free Compressor

  • Increasing the productivity of your installation, with optimized compressed air solutions adapted and designed to match the needs of our customers;
  • Peace of mind – zero risk of contamination of your final product;
  • Robustness and reliability for harsh environments thanks to trusted and world class suppliers and the use of the highest quality materials.

Online Analyzer 

Continuously measures up to 5 chemicals’ concentrations in a liquid or gas process stream » Totally solid state build with no moving parts — modern design for low maintenance » Ultra-safe fiber optic design with dedicated sample flow cell — no sample fluid in analyzer enclosure » Decades of field-proven performance in the world’s harshest industrial environment

Control Valve

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